Sunday, February 8, 2009

Top 9 Street legal scooters brands in Tampa

There are too many popular street legal scooters brands in Tampa and I would like to share with you most of them. If you live in Tampa I am completely sure that you have seen some legal scooters moving everywhere in the streets. There are too many options you can buy if you are a scooter lover. Scooter’s brands vary slightly depending on some features that you can choose according to your needs. Street legal scooters in Tampa are becoming very popular as a transportation alternative for hundreds of people that need a fast and independent way to move to office, university and every place. If you are intending to buy let me show you the most recommended and popular brands which are currently available in the market.

1. ADLY: It is a Taiwanese company which is leader in the market from several years ago.

2. APRILIA: It belongs to the largest motorcycle manufacturer having a high reputation in the market. Aprilia is an Italy company owned by Piaggio.

3. AVANTI: Avanti is a very popular street legal scooters brand.

4. BAJAJ: This brand is amazing because belongs to one of the largest automobile manufacturer from India and Bajaj is widely used in many places around the globe.

5. DIAMO: Diamo is also a very popular brand. Diamo is distributed to many locations by an importer from Texas.

6. BARON: Baron is a versatile street legal scooters widely used in Tampa.

7. KYMCO: It is another popular Taiwanese brand that is selling thousand of street legal scooters around the world.

8. ROKETA: Everybody wants one of them. Roketa has all the features users want. Rocketa is a Chinese corporation but is located in Ontario, Canada.

9. VERUCCI: Verucci is a brand from Italy but has been expanded to many countries in United States and Latin America.

Friday, February 6, 2009

How can I get a cheap gas razor scooter in Tampa Florida?

Travel using a gas razor scooter is something very funny. But if you are planning get one of them in Tampa Florida you can find a lot of shops and stores selling all kind of gas razor scooters. The selection of a good and affordable gas razor scooter will depend on the type of scooter you want to buy. Gas razor scooter are developed by RazorUSA in California they manufacture thousand of them every year. There are also electric scooters but a gas powered razor scooter could be more comfortable and faster. You can find in many places gas razor scooters from US$350.00 and they work like a little motorcycle.

Evidently, gas razor scooter is faster than any other type of scooters. For instance in Tampa Florida zone you can find gas razor scooter ranging from 20cc to 1500cc. Have one of them is super fast and you can even use it to move to your office, school and everywhere you want. Gas razor scooters have been very famous everywhere in Tampa Florida. You can also evaluate the prices and compare the speed you want. I personally think that could be dangerous a too fast gas razor scooter and you should be care about your own security using one of them.

A razor gas scooter is made up of a strong aluminum metal and can support too many pounds. There are most of them that can reach until 3 Horse Power (HP) and 30 mph. People in Tampa Florida using razor gas scooters are using this type of mini-vehicle to have a moment of fun but there are also people which are using this as a serious transportation option. There are different qualities and types of them but is good you evaluate well the one that fits exactly with your need.