Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gas Scooter Reviews | Cushman Scooters

Cushman Scooters

Cushman Scooters are probably the most revered gas motor scooters of all time. These antique scooters revolutionized the way those vehicles were made and set a standard that has not been matched. The last Cushman rolled off the line about 40 years ago, around 1965 sometime. This company which has its roots in Lincoln, Nebraska set the standard for quality and excellence.

Those Cushman scooters were made so good, that you will be able to find many of those antique scooters still in existence today. Cushman scooters were made so well that the military authorized their official use during World War II. That says a lot about the quality that these scooters were designed and created with. These two wheeled machines ran on gasoline. These were the predecessors to the 250cc to 300cc motor scooters. They weren't exactly aerodynamic motor scooters, but they got the job done.

So since this is a site about gas and electric scooters, as well as mopeds, and soon atv's, I just thought I would take time to acknowledge Cushman scooters who paved the way for the modern scooters enjoy today. Thanks Cushman . Gas scooter reviews.

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