Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scooter Reviews - Locations, or Scooters

Scooter Reviews - Locations, or Scooters

Since I have started this site about finding electric or gas scooter reviews in Tampa Bay I have been getting visitors from scooter riders all over the country. So now I am faced with a dilemma. Should I focus on gas and electric scooters in general. And just provide reviews on Vespa scooters, and hoverounds, or should I continue to provide locations for scooter dealers in Tampa Bay. Or maybe I can broaden my horizons. Because I am also getting visitors from our friends in San Francisco Bay, and I would hate for them to leave this site unsatisfied.

So I will gladly receive emails here. Or you can respond in the comments section. At least this way I will be able to get a consensus as to where my readers would like to see this site go. So if I get visitors from Tampa or San Francisco, I can provide info regarding any gas or electric scooter that they want. Gas scooter reviews, disability scooters, or whatever. My goal is to serve the residents here in Florida first, and also be a help to those who stumble here from the rest of the country.

Also if you are a dealer of scooters in Tampa, or anywhere for that manner, and you would like a review, just shoot me an email, or a comment. Or if you had a good or bad experience at a dealer that you would like the world to be aware of, you can also contact me. I will be back soon with more scooter reviews. So stay posted. Tampa gas scooters

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