Monday, June 30, 2008

Tampa Bay Gas Scooter Review #2

Tampa Bay Gas Scooter Review #2

In my last gas scooter dealer review, I reviewed Charlies's Scooter Depot. This time I will be talking about Cahills. They have two locations here in Florida. One in Zephyrhills, which is Cahills Motorsports. They also have a location in Tampa, Cahills of North Tampa, Inc.

Cahills has a nice variety of motorized gas scooters as well as ATVs, motorcylces, and they even sell jet skies which I found to be pretty awesome. They have some preowned scooters as well as brand new models. When I was browsing the used scooters, I noticed that they had a used 2006 250cc Yamaha Morphous scooter for sale. It may or may not still be available, at then end of the article I will put the information for you to call or visit them for more information. But if it is still available it looked like one sweet ride.

For the new gas scooters they had available, they had several different manufacturers. They have E-Ton scooters, Kymco scooters, and Yamaha scooters. Some of the Yamaha models include the Majesty, Morphous, Zuma, and a host more. I just wanted to give you a quick snippet of some of the type of scooters they provide.

Cahills Motorsports/ Cahills of North Tampa Inc also has financing available if you decide you want to utilize that option, or if perhaps you don't want to deal with a bank or something like that. It is always good to have options like that.

They also have a variety of scooter accessories available as well. Whether you need a helmet or a windshield they have it. They also have a camera you can mount to your handle bar. Which I thought it was kind of neat. So if you want to go pay a visit you can go to www. You can also go visit them in person:

Cahills of North Tampa Inc.
8920 N Armenia Avenue Tampa, FL 33604

Cahills Motorsports
8820 HWY 301 Zephyrhills, FL 33541

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